Functional Medicine

Holistic Healing and Wellness

Functional medicine examines several systems to determine the underlying health of an individual. This includes nutrition, environmental stress, hormone imbalances, immune system response, gastrointestinal function, and liver detoxification.

Functional medicine attempts to treat underlying chronic disease and inflammation, not just treat symptoms. This can be done by healing the gut, regulating hormones, and eliminating stressors.


Sometimes exposure to chemicals or toxins in our environment can cause acute or chronic inflammation.  Food sensitivies and reactions can also occur with chronic gut inflammation. Dr. Sutphin will help to investigate what specific stressors are causing an impact and implement lifestyle changes to reduce or eliminate inflammation and pain.


Depending on patient need, Dr. Sutphin can integrate lab work to find underlying health issues. Supplement support, nutritional guidance, or an exercise program can be used in care plans to help patients attain wellness.

Nutritional Supplement Consultation

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Dependence on sugar and carbohydrates in the United States has created an epidemic of obesity, Type II Diabetes, and heart disease. Dr. Sutphin provides guidance on how to incorporate a anti-inflammatory diet to help reduce chronic pain and recurring inflammation.  This cannot be done unless there is a commitment to lifestyle change. Fad diets only show temporary results, weight lost will typically be regained unless one can implement longterm changes. 

Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes a person experiences nutritional deficiencies even when they lead a healthy lifestyle. Lack of minerals and nutrients in crops and animal diets can lead a person to be depleted, as can use of certain medications. Specific nutritional supplement support can help with proper food breakdown, absorption in the gut, and biochemical use for energy.

"Let food be thy medicine, medicine thy food"